Pacman Xon

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Based on the original Pac-Man and Xonix games, Pacman Xon, also known as Pacxon, will keep you engaged for hours. The game combines many elements found in both games into one addicting flash game. The goal of the game is simple, while playing as pac-man, fill the empty spaces while capturing the ghosts by building a wall around them. After you have filled up at least 80% of the spaces with walls, you win the level and you advance over to the next one. The variety of ghosts in the game will get in your way as you try to capture them. If, by mistake, pac-man makes contact with a ghost, then the player looses a life. In addition, once all lives are lost, it is game over. Multiple kinds of power-ups will appear on the screen, which can aid you in many ways. For example, making you faster, slowing down ghosts, or even freezing them. Pacman Xon is a very easy game for beginners to pick up on, and the controls are simple. The controls consist of only using the directional pads on your keyboard to move pac-man up, down, left, and right. Moving pac-man also creates and moves a wall. Be careful though, because if any of the ghosts touch the wall that follows, you lose a life. The interface on the game is very simple, The amount of available lives appear on the top left, followed by your score and your progress. As you complete each level, the game will get progressively tougher and tougher, as you face new types of enemies. The player must rely on wits, strategy, power ups, and even luck to complete some of the later levels. Beginner players will have a blast playing with PacMan Xon’s smooth learning curve. Advanced players will be able to test their skills as they try to stay alive in the later levels.

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